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7 Keys to Understanding Motivation in Your Young Athlete

“I just don’t know how to motivate her…” It’s a common lament of parents and coaches. The child who just seems to lack the joie de verve toward an activity, and yes, sometimes that activity could be gymnastics. Before concluding that an apparent lack of motivation means you as the parent or coach is doing […]

10 Reasons Why I Love Aimee Boorman

She understands what an incredible sport gymnastics is for all kids.   Aimee says, “I love watching kids grow. Gymnastics is more about life than just being a sport.  It teaches you about respect, dedication, time management, drive…I could go on and on.” She puts the child before the gymnast. According to the The Los Angeles Times Aimee […]

What a Penny Teaches Us About Success

  Suppose a magic genie gives you a choice that you have to make within 5 seconds: $3 million dollars in cash or a penny that will earn compound interest for 31 straight days. Which would you take? Most would choose the $3 million dollars. Unless you have an inherent understanding of the power of […]

An Open Letter to the Coaches who Comfort Their Gymnasts When They Struggle in a Meet

  Dear Coaches Who Comfort Their Gymnasts When They Struggle in a Meet, I want to thank you. I thank you for recognizing that your gymnast just gave it her all, came up short and still validating her worth as a human by giving her a hug and a kind word as she dejectedly walked off […]

6 Things to Remember When an Athlete Switches Gyms

One of the harder things I have dealt with and watched coaches deal with is the departure of an athlete from our club to another club. Sure, sometimes it comes with relief of knowing that a family that caused distress to the coaching staff has moved on to be someone else’s problem. But sometimes it […]

What Coaches See vs. What Preschoolers See

Gymnasts and “Trying”

Don’t tell an athlete that they didn’t try Tell them that they can try harder. Is that splitting hairs? Maybe. But hear me out. “You aren’t trying” puts an athlete on the defensive. It demonstrates to that athlete that you don’t believe they are giving full effort. It tells the athlete you don’t trust her. “I […]

12 Tips About Discipline for Coaches

  There is a difference between discipline and punishment. Discipline is about fixing and learning from your mistakes.  It is corrective and instructional, focused on the child’s long-term well-being. Its goal is to teach what behavior is and is not acceptable. Punishment is about paying for those mistakes. Its goal is to inhibit a behavior […]

What Makes a Master Coach?

Photo: Laura Stone / Shutterstock.com In the education community, they use the concept of the master teacher to differentiate someone who has mastered the fundamentals of teaching, going above and beyond to provide an exemplary environment for their students and who are capable to teach other teachers how to perform at higher levels. Master teachers […]

6 Things Not To Say to a Gymnastics Coach

It may not be intentional, but there are certain comments that will make a gymnastics coach’s blood boil.   So what do you do with all your free time until practice starts? Practice is when you kids come into workout. My workday starts much earlier than that. I might have administrative duties or training responsibilities […]