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8 Lessons Gym Parents Can Learn from the Parents of the Final Five

Remember: fun is essential. What was the tweet Nellie Biles sent her daughter Simone just before she began her first day of competition? It was this: “Long terms goal is here/embrace the experience and have fun. I love you – Mom.”  Give her household responsibilities. Think Olympians are exempt from doing their part around the […]

The Radical Tip that Might Keep Your Daughter in Sports (and Place Her in the C-Suite…)

Approximately 70% of children in the U.S. quit sports by the time they are 13 according to the Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports. The Center for Disease Control recommends that children and adolescents get at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise every day, but few come close. So, it is […]

Be Like Me: Gymnastics Edition

If you logged into your Facebook or scrolled through your Instagram feed this past weekend, most likely you encountered the encouragement of a stick figure meme of your friends encouraging you to “Be Like Me”. Who knew that crude drawing of composed of some lines, curves and dot named Bill could dispense such wisdom?  And what wisdom might […]

Three Pieces of Advice for the Strong Parent/Coach Relationship

Bree Hafen wrote an amazing blog post called “8 Things Dance Teachers Wish They Could Tell Dance Moms”.  Substitute dance for gymnastics and it is chock full of great advice for all of us. As I read and re-read Ms. Hafen’s marvelous post, I drew from it three general pieces of advice that all of […]

What if This Was Your Last Day in the Gym?

What if this was your last day in the gym? If you are a gymnast: your last tumbling pass? Your final routine? If you are a coach: your final day calling your athletes in to practice? Giving your last correction or compliment? If you are a parent: watching your child’s final routine? Saying goodbye to […]

A Dozen Merit Badges for Parents of Competitive Gymnasts

There is no doubt: as joyful as it can be to be the parent of a gymnast, parents in our sport deserve their own awards. As one season draws to a close and another begins, presenting a dozen ideas for gym parents’ merit badges. To earn the “Fortitude Badge” complete two of the following achievements or […]

From “Grrr…” to “Grateful”

Each Thanksgiving is a time to stop and reflect on all of the people, things and opportunities we have in our lives for which we are grateful. But gratitude is more than a feeling; it’s also an attitude, an approach to how we think about what life hands us. Gratitude is all a matter of […]

13 “Flip”pant Responses To Annoying Things Non-Gymnastics Parents Say

Because sometimes I know I wish I’d have thought to come back with comments like these when people would say annoying things to me about my kids’ participation in gymnastics, I share them with you.   Yes, sometimes it is better to take the high road. Heading into the holidays, some of these might come […]

9 Tips to Cope with Drama-Mama or Pushy-Papa

The scenario goes something like this: You want to watch your child’s class or practice. And your enjoyment of that is disturbed by the behavior of another parent. It could be the mom who insists on cross-examining you on why your child is taking a private lesson, who wants to complain about another gymnast or […]

Is Pushing Kids Until They Cry Just a Part of Gymnastics?

Looking around a gymnastics forum for inspiration for a topic of a blog post, I came across a parent thread called: Pushing kids until they cry? Just a part of gymnastics? Immediately I thought: Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. Is pushing kids until they cry just a part of gymnastics? Here is the […]