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12 Lessons You Learn the First Year Your Child is a Competitive Gymnast

1. Getting to the competition can be, well, challenging… 2.  And when you get there, you will be shocked at the cost to get in to watch… and the cost of eating. 3. A gymnastics meet lasts about 4 hours… 4. …though your child actually will compete for less than 3 and a half minutes, so don’t blink […]

Use MACE to Work with “Difficult” Parents

I haven’t done it, but my best guess would be that if I surveyed gym club owner and coaches and asked them why they got into coaching not a single one would say “because I love to deal with difficult parents.”  And yet, if in my theoretical survey I asked how many have to deal with […]

Don’t Get Caught in the Race!

This is a wonderful essay by a gym mom reflecting on her daughter’s gymnastics journey.   It’s a great read and a wonderful reminder that rushing kids through the process often leads to them losing the joy that is inherent to why they began gymnastics in the first place. The Marathon Gymnast As a mother […]

The First 100 Details to Ask Before Your Child Joins a Gymnastics Team

My last two blogs talked about the decision to join a competitive gymnastics team and the benefits of doing so.  But, before you spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, you will want to get as many details as possible before you commit your child to a team.  While you might not be able […]

Gymnastics is NOT Life: 10 Things Nobody Should Give Up Because of Gymnastics

“Gymnastics is life. The rest is just details.” “Life is…Never mind. I have no life. My daughter is a gymnast.” I know these are cute slogans, designed for merchandise that gymnasts and their parents can proudly wear. Their purpose is to show their allegiance to the sport and to share a laugh with others who […]

20 Things Only Parents of Gymnasts Understand

1. All music is judged on whether it would make good floor music. 2. This is how homework is done. 3. And math is explained like this: 4. Your tiny sprite of a child has hands of a lumberjack. 5. The panic that ensues when your daughter forgot to remove her nail polish before the meet. […]

A Dangerous Dozen: Misguided Ideas of Well-Meaning Gym Parents

With tuitions that can approximate a car payment each month, missed family dinners and weekends lost to travelling to remote locations to sit inside a gym or hotel convention center eating over priced hot dogs and too many brownies, no one can doubt that gymnastics parents are among the most dedicated sports parents. The dollars, […]