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Moments at Regionals that Gymnasts Will Understand

With regionals coming up this weekend for many gymnasts, a little humor as you head into the big weekend! Your super supportive parent trying to motivate you during the car ride to the meet  (and you trying to keep a straight face). Your coach at 7:45am…   When you and your BFF find out that […]

21 Memes to which Preschool Gymnastics Coaches will Relate

Preschool gymnastics coaches are brave souls.  Who else can keep as many as eight little ones safe while educating them physically, teaching them to interact positively with each other all while having fun? If you coach preschool gymnastics, we think you will understand these things: It might not be the best day when you are […]

A Visit from St. Nicholas, Gymnastics Edition

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the gym not an athlete was training, the lights were all dim.   The stockings were hung from the beams just in case, St. Nicholas and the reindeer stopped by the gym space.   Some gymnasts were hopeful that Santa would leave some brand new leos; preferably […]

A Dozen Merit Badges for Parents of Competitive Gymnasts

There is no doubt: as joyful as it can be to be the parent of a gymnast, parents in our sport deserve their own awards. As one season draws to a close and another begins, presenting a dozen ideas for gym parents’ merit badges. To earn the “Fortitude Badge” complete two of the following achievements or […]

Because Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh…

        What do gymnasts, acrobats, and bananas have in common? They can all do the splits. Why didn’t the blonde make the gymnastics team? When they asked for a cartwheel, she stole a tire from the hot dog vendor. What did the vampire gymnast say to the vault coach? “I want to […]