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Sticks and Stones May Break Gymnasts’ Bones…

It could be in said in what sounds like jest but feels like a stab: “I guess you want to repeat Level 4.” Or comment that sounds like its purpose is to motivate when it really is just an assumption of bad faith: “Maybe you could actually try next time.” Or maybe it is not […]

What if This Was Your Last Day in the Gym?

What if this was your last day in the gym? If you are a gymnast: your last tumbling pass? Your final routine? If you are a coach: your final day calling your athletes in to practice? Giving your last correction or compliment? If you are a parent: watching your child’s final routine? Saying goodbye to […]

5 Simple Resolutions for Everyone: What Gymnasts, Coaches, Employers, Employees and Parents Can Do To Improve 2016

Resolutions. We think of them as grand experiments to change ourselves. Usually for the benefit of, well, ourselves. Sure, losing weight, getting organized, saving money or quitting bad habits are all worthy New Year’s resolutions. But turning the concept from serving ourselves to how we can better serve others might be an equally valid way […]

A Dozen Merit Badges for Parents of Competitive Gymnasts

There is no doubt: as joyful as it can be to be the parent of a gymnast, parents in our sport deserve their own awards. As one season draws to a close and another begins, presenting a dozen ideas for gym parents’ merit badges. To earn the “Fortitude Badge” complete two of the following achievements or […]

13 “Flip”pant Responses To Annoying Things Non-Gymnastics Parents Say

Because sometimes I know I wish I’d have thought to come back with comments like these when people would say annoying things to me about my kids’ participation in gymnastics, I share them with you.   Yes, sometimes it is better to take the high road. Heading into the holidays, some of these might come […]

The Key to Having a Happy Relationship with Your Coach, Athlete or Parent

I once came across this quote: “Happy relationships depend not on finding the right person, but on being the right person.” And I immediately though how true this is for our relationships in the gym. If you are a parent, it is easy to point to flaws in the gym.  First because they exist.  Second […]

12 Signs Your Gymnast is Under Too Much Stress

There is a saying that a rock put under pressure forms a diamond. To which I will quickly counter, a certain type of rock under very specific conditions. Most rocks put under pressure will turn to dust. Yes, pressure is a normal part of life. It pushes us to work harder, to challenge ourselves to […]

Playing Parental Whack-A-Mole: 6 Tips for Staying Sane in the Insanity of Youth Sports

So you are the parent who tires to stay above the fray of the parenting sports frenzy. You don’t watch every minute of practice. You don’t cross-examine your child after each workout or meet. You assume good faith with your child’s coaches. You refrain from comparing your kid’s “talent” and achievement with those of her […]

8 Tips to Stop Lizard Brain Parenting

Nobody is rational when it comes to their own child. It is impossible.  We love them too much.  Sure, some parents are more rational than other.  And there are times or topics over which we are more rational than not.   But still, even at our best, we cannot be fully objective about our own […]

Use MACE to Work with “Difficult” Parents

I haven’t done it, but my best guess would be that if I surveyed gym club owner and coaches and asked them why they got into coaching not a single one would say “because I love to deal with difficult parents.”  And yet, if in my theoretical survey I asked how many have to deal with […]