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Is Pushing Kids Until They Cry Just a Part of Gymnastics?

Looking around a gymnastics forum for inspiration for a topic of a blog post, I came across a parent thread called: Pushing kids until they cry? Just a part of gymnastics? Immediately I thought: Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. Is pushing kids until they cry just a part of gymnastics? Here is the […]

When You Want to Tear Your Hair Out: 20 Tips for Coaching Difficult Athletes

  Let’s face it. If you teach or coach long enough, inevitably you will have some students who you find irritating, abrasive or exasperating. They might not just annoy you, but also other coaches and even their classmates or teammates. Or maybe it is just you. Either way, on the days that they aren’t there teaching […]

How HAPPY Teaches

A few months back, the staff at JAG Gym collaborated making a video in honor of International Day of Happiness to Pharrell’s “HAPPY.” It was a fun, off-the-cuff project that evolved organically and with no real purpose but to celebrate being happy. We sent to our community and posted on YouTube as well as our […]

Fit and Funky

When my daughter Abrielle was 4 years old, I enrolled both her and her 5 year old sister Samara in a dance class called “Fit and Funky,” a combination of jazz and hip hop class for the pre-school set.  To me, it was a blessed 45 minutes where these two very active girls could get […]