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What Coaches See vs. What Preschoolers See

21 Memes to which Preschool Gymnastics Coaches will Relate

Preschool gymnastics coaches are brave souls.  Who else can keep as many as eight little ones safe while educating them physically, teaching them to interact positively with each other all while having fun? If you coach preschool gymnastics, we think you will understand these things: It might not be the best day when you are […]

10 Things Preschool Gymnastics Coaches Will Understand

1. This is your work wardrobe: 2. Your parents think this of your “job”: 3. And this is what your friends think your job entails: 4. While the parents of your students think this is your job: 5. In reality, this is just about sums up a day at the “office”: 6. Your students at […]

20 Reasons Your Preschooler Should Do Gymnastics (That Have Nothing to Do with Learning Gymnastics)

What if Johnny never learns a cartwheel? Or how about if Janie never masters holding a handstand? Would there still be any value in putting your preschooler in a gymnastics class? Yes, I say. Absolutely, yes. In addition to it being a lot of fun, here are twenty reasons your preschool aged child should do […]