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12 Signs Your Gymnast is Under Too Much Stress

There is a saying that a rock put under pressure forms a diamond. To which I will quickly counter, a certain type of rock under very specific conditions. Most rocks put under pressure will turn to dust. Yes, pressure is a normal part of life. It pushes us to work harder, to challenge ourselves to […]

Is Pushing Kids Until They Cry Just a Part of Gymnastics?

Looking around a gymnastics forum for inspiration for a topic of a blog post, I came across a parent thread called: Pushing kids until they cry? Just a part of gymnastics? Immediately I thought: Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. Is pushing kids until they cry just a part of gymnastics? Here is the […]

A Dangerous Dozen: Misguided Ideas of Well-Meaning Gym Parents

With tuitions that can approximate a car payment each month, missed family dinners and weekends lost to travelling to remote locations to sit inside a gym or hotel convention center eating over priced hot dogs and too many brownies, no one can doubt that gymnastics parents are among the most dedicated sports parents. The dollars, […]

The Professionalization of Youth Sports

A few things to know about me: I love sports. I love competition. I love winning. I hate the direction of youth sports. Why?  Because more and more youth sports are being treated in the same manner as professional sports. In professional sports, the athlete is a paid (usually a very high paid) adult who […]