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You Can Call Me Scrooge: Just Say No to the Home Trampoline

Is Santa planning to place a trampoline under your tree this year? At the risk of being Scrooge, I am going to suggest that you don’t allow it. And, I am not alone. The also Scooge-like American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) “strongly discourages” the use of home trampolines. Sure, while the majority of injuries are […]

Step Away from the Phone and Return to Practice, Please.

Cell phones. Like Pavlov’s dogs, most of us are conditioned to respond to every ping or vibration that indicates a new text, email or Facebook like. And while there are many, many benefits to having technology literally at our fingertips, there are downsides as well. And those downsides are extending to your practices coaches, as […]


Would you sign a petition banning “dihydrogen monoxide” if you learned that: it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting it is a major component in acid rain it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state accidental inhalation of it can be deadly it contributes to erosion it decreases effectiveness of automobile breaks it has […]

15 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sports Program

It’s that time of year. Time to sign up your child for new activities. Here are some things to consider before taking the plunge: Who wants to do the sport? You or your child? Is enrolling in this activity going to be more of an enhancement to or more of a stressor in the lives […]