The Opportunity of a New Year

new year quote 365

What are you going to do with your 365 opportunities to become a better…





All around person?

New Year’s resolutions can be both exciting, giving us a chance to become better versions of ourselves.  But they can also be overwhelming, because life changes are both difficult and tedious.  But, instead of looking at making improvements as an all-encompassing effort that must begin January 1st to be sustained for the next year or lifetime, what if we thought of how we might just be a tiny bit better with the 365 chances that we get in 2015?

What if as parents we spent one extra minute just taking with (not to) our child or partner?

What if as coaches we spent one more minute thinking of a way to make practice better each day?

What if as judges we went out of our way to compliment or give a bit of advice to a young coach each meet?

What if as gymnasts we took one extra turn each rotation or spoke one extra word of encouragement to a struggling teammate?

What if as individuals we took one tiny step toward becoming healthier, happier or more patient with ourselves?

The “what ifs” are endless and entirely up to each individual.  The point is: tiny little incremental efforts made with the intention of bringing love, patience, kindness and the pursuit of excellence to my life and the lives of those around me is my resolution for 2015.   My hope is that I have 365 opportunities to carry forth this venture.

And, of course, you will find me here at least twice a week sharing my ideas, and I hope you will take the time to share yours with me as well.

Happy New Year and here’s to making 2015 the #bestyearever!