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This is what gymnastics can do for kids! 

If a picture is worth 1,000 Words…then this video is worth at least 1,000,000 so I’m going to let this gem, written by one of JAG’s recent graduating seniors and set to video for our team banquet do the talking.  

Thank You, Rachael and All of the Other Surrviors

As I sit here in tears, tears of rage over what you endured and how many didn’t listen and even covered it up, tears of awe in your bravery, your courage, your resilience, your perseverance, your intelligence and your heart of gold, and tears of gratitude because you are the general of an army, an […]

Happy 13th, JAG Gym!

13 years. 156 minutes. 678 weeks. 4,748 days. 113,952 hours. 6,837,120 minutes. 410,227,200 seconds. 1,000,000,000 plus smiles on the faces of kids, their parents and our staff. 1 great community:  JAG Gym. Thank you to all who have helped us along this incredible 13-year journey.   And we look forward to an exciting 14th year! Happy birthday, […]

Ten Things Your Athlete Does Not Need You to Tell Them

“Sometimes being a parent means you know when to keep your mouth shut…” begins Janis Meredith’s wise article. Ms. Meredith then lists 5 things that your athlete does not need to hear from you: Your doubts. Your nervousness. Your worries about getting hurt. Your unhappiness with the coaching staff. Your frustration with teammates. All excellent […]

My Hero Gabby

As coaches and club owners (and even team parents), it’s easy to become attached to kids who are not our own children.  In fact, despite having four children of my own, I constantly refer to JAG gymnasts as “one of my kids…” when talking to friends which is super confusing to others who don’t teach […]

#ReeseGoals: The Power of Post-Its on a Bathroom Mirror

This is the actual bathroom mirror of one of JAG’s athletes. Reese, who just turned 9, is finishing her Level 4 season. When her mom posted this photo of Reese’s mirror, my heart exploded with pride and with her mom’s permission, I wanted to share this with all of you. There is so much that […]

The Big Picture: The Perfect 10

   In gymnastics, the score of perfection once was a 10. When thinking about how to react to a problem or make a decision, that number 10 is incredibly useful. Television commentator and business journalist Suzy Welch, whose writings are carried in Oprah magazine and The Wall Street Journal, describes the method of 10/10/10 in […]

A Baker’s Dozen: 13 Things That A Gymnast Needs From Her Coach

  She needs you to be happy to see her.   Nothing starts a workout better than a coach who enthusiastically greets their athletes. She needs you to show her she is more important than her performance. That means being kind to and speaking to her after a meet no matter the outcome. She needs you […]

The Power of Yet

“I’m not good at this…” “I’m not good at this…yet.” It’s amazing how that small three-letter word—yet—changes the entire meaning and direction of the sentence. When we say we are not good at something, ending the comment there, we commit to a limiting belief and a fixed mindset telling ourselves that the trait is beyond […]

7 Keys to Understanding Motivation in Your Young Athlete

“I just don’t know how to motivate her…” It’s a common lament of parents and coaches. The child who just seems to lack the joie de verve toward an activity, and yes, sometimes that activity could be gymnastics. Before concluding that an apparent lack of motivation means you as the parent or coach is doing […]