The Perfect Coach with The Perfect Touch.

This article chronicles a rather difficult meet for author’s daughter, and the touching moment that the author caught on film: her daughter’s coach wiping a tear from her child’s eye as she encouraged her before one of her routines.

Thanks, Jodi, for reminding me of these special moments between a gymnast and her coach and that some of the best pictures are the ones that as you so eloquently stated are “Not Of Her Doing Any Particular Skill Or Presenting On Podium… It Was This Shot, This Moment. The Picture That Casts A Thousand Words As I Have Come To Understand And Really Appreciate What Coaches Do.”

Jodi is spot on: This is what coaches really do that so deserves our appreciation. Yes, they teach our kids skills, instill discipline and make them believe in their ability to do more than they know they can. But what they really do is care about our kids. They are part of supporting them through their childhood ups and downs and helping them create great memories. They help support us parents in doing the important work of raising the next generation.

This past week we celebrated World Teacher Appreciation day–so to all of you coaches out there: we appreciate what you do in building the character of the kids in our communities!

Get Psyched!

A View From the Stands. This article was originally posted on Gold Medal Moms and is reposted with permission from Jodi.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words yet, I feel compelled to explain what I see, as a mother, when I look at my child from the stands. It is in these moments that I feel safe and comforted knowing that the coaches I entrust my child to, not only teach and coach the physical skills of the sport of gymnastics, they are also their mentors and guides in life as well. They say it takes a village to raise a child nowadays, I say chose your community well.

The day this photo was taken was competition day and we had an early start. We ran around, got things together, did hair (2 or 3x), grabbed a nutritional breakfast and out the door we went.

Excited, we…

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